-POWER Manifesting Workshop

-Step into your Purpose Workshop

-Women’s POWER Ceremony

-Prosperity & Abundance Workshop

-Business Manifesting Ceremony

-Couples Manifesting Ceremony

Forget the typical corporate motivational speakers and tarot card readers. Cara guides her participants with a collision of techniques that nobody else is doing. Cara works with individuals and groups to find their power, step into their purpose and turn trauma into their greatest asset. Cara not only created the Animal Apothecary Card deck, for manifesting but she has a profound skill in connecting people to their own true-self to receive inner guidance on manifesting their dreams and claiming their power.

Workshops and Ceremonies are 90 mins each and include an array of different techniques: voice medicine, animal medicine, kundalini technology, journaling, visual journeying, dance, and all end with a collective reading from Cara's Animal Apothecary Card deck. Participants also receive their own Animal Apothecary card to take home.

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