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Learn how to harness the energy of your trauma to fulfill your highest potential and manifest your heart's deepest desires. 

Hi Friends, I'm so excited to announce my Trauma Gold Workshop for transmuting the energy of your trauma into your greatest gifts, highest potential, and purpose. After a long 18-year battle with complex post-traumatic stress disorder and seeking many healers, therapists, shamans, psychiatrists, naturopaths and yogis, I finally discovered my understanding of my trauma was all wrong.


What no healer ever told me was that my trauma was an unrealized gold mine waiting to fulfill its fullest potential. As I ventured alone to discover this, my life immediately began to change. Like Moses and the parting seas, I began to take the energy of my trauma and direct it. I could make my trauma work for me. I could make the energy of my trauma subservient and tame it to my liking. I could make my trauma make me successful, beautiful, and abundant! And not only this, but the energy of my trauma liked it. It was as if my trauma wanted me to have dominion over it, it wanted me to guide it into its fullest potential, it wanted me to turn it into justice, and it wanted me to teach everyone how to do it too.


And this, my dear friends, is why I want to invite you to my traumaGOLD workshop! If the crippling effects of past traumas plague you and if you yearn to fulfill your highest potential, live your most epic life, and manifest your heart's deepest desires, this workshop is for you. 


In this 2.5 hour workshop, I will work with you to transform your understanding of trauma and give you tools and techniques to transmute your trauma into your greatest self. 


What you will need-

Journal and something to write with

Box of crayons or markers

Access to Zoom

What to expect-

1.5 hours of the traumaGOLD transformative workshop to amplify your ability to transmute

1 hour on how to incorporate the traumaGOLD method into your everyday life

The workshop is pre-recorded and available to watch NOW.

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