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by Cara elizabeth

ANIMAL apothecary


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A 44-Card Oracle deck and guidebook for Manifestation and Fulfillment

Animal Apothecary's mission is to provide the medicine that is needed for you to fulfill your highest self and achieve your heart's desire. Much like the modern-day pharmacy, apothecaries were used in earlier periods of culture to dispense medicine to those who sought to heal and be healed. The animals of Animal Apothecary share medicines and tools that are made of wisdom and guidance that heal your blocks and manifest your purpose. 

When Cara Elizabeth was 18 years old, she had a dream with hundreds of thousands of Ravens crashing into her room. They told her, "You need to know the truth" they revealed to her without words that she was sexually abused as a child for many years. This dream drew her to Animal Medicine and led her on the journey of studying animal symbolism over the last 20 years. Since that dream, she created a relationship with the Universe where it speaks with her through Animals. These deeper messages from the Animal kingdom are what helped her overcome 18 years of CPTSD and step into her fullest purpose. Cara brought these animals together to create an Apothecary of manifesting and healing but most importantly, what these animals shared with her is that in order to heal, you must step into your purpose. The animals of Animal Apothecary are here to help you manifest your heart's deepest desires, overcome trials and difficulties, and to step into your purpose, your Greatest self. 

While constructing the lexicon of Animal Apothecary, she drew upon a combination of animal medicine, the I Ching, alchemical symbolism, esoteric philosophies, objective science, manifesting techniques, and Jungian analytical archetypes. Animal medicine, practiced by the Indigenous peoples of North America, teaches that animals appear throughout our lives to help us on our journey. By understanding an animal's behavior, symbolism, and mythology, we can use this wisdom as a guide for self-discovery. Animal medicine heals, empowers, and directs us on our true path. In choosing the animals of Animal Apothecary, Cara would sometimes be shown which animals to work with through dreams or appearing in waking life. Other times she would need to solve a problem so she would intentionally investigate what animal held the best medicine to overcome her current circumstance. 


Some cards in the deck are inspired by the deep and meaningful teachings of Chinese I Ching (Book of Changes). The I Ching is one of the oldest oracles in the world, with a history going back over 2,500 years. It is heavily influenced by Taoist philosophy and teaches one how to align with the harmony and flow of the Universe by understanding and studying nature and the cosmos.

Animal Apothecary inspires self-reflection, expands consciousness, and provides guidance to transmute obstacles that keep us trapped in old, stagnant ways of thinking. The answer to all of life's challenges is and has always been within you. Animal Apothecary is merely a toolbox for developing self-awareness and connecting you to the answers that lie within.

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