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Animal Apothecary 90 minute session

The purpose of Animal Apothecary readings are to help navigate you through your current difficulties and to lead you towards what is most fulfilling and empowering for you. Animal Apothecary readings are for those who are on the journey of becoming their greatest self but may feel lost on the way and for those who know deep down they have a purpose and gift but are having trouble accessing their fullest potential. These readings offer insight, guidance, and advice to help you explore your purpose in order to blossom into your highest potential. Additionally, we amp up your manifesting abilities with kundalini yoga movements to help you step into your most powerful self and discuss techniques to use daily for claiming your power.


Readings last about 90 minutes and are done via zoom. You’re only required to come with a journal and an open heart. To book a session and inquire about pricing click here:

Turn trauma into your greatest asset reading session. 

This session is especially powerful for those who have dealt with the crippling side effects of PTSD and CPTSD. Who have been trying to overcome past trauma(s) for months, years, or even decades.  During your session, you will learn the power of your pain and use the energy of your trauma to understand your purpose and self-actualize it. You will also learn daily techniques you can start implementing to become empowered. The session ends with an Animal Apothecary reading on guidance and advice toward your journey of turning your trauma into your strength. Sessions are 90 min, and the reading section is recorded for you to keep

Readings last about 90 minutes and are done via zoom. You’re only required to come with a journal and an open heart. To book a session and inquire about pricing click here:

Prosperity Reading Session 

In this session, I work with you to create a clear intention of what type of abundance you are ready to receive in the next year. I then teach you the prosperity krya to practice daily, and the session ends with a reading focused on your journey toward manifesting abundance. The session is one hour on zoom. 

Readings last about 60 minutes and are done via zoom. You’re only required to come with a journal and an open heart. To book a session and inquire about pricing click here:

Instant Video Reading 

Need a quick hit of guidance, advice, and clarity? In this six-card video reading, you will receive clarity and confirmations about your life journey and overcoming current obstacles in the form of guidance from 6 different aspects of yourself and Life. These readings activate your inner knowing to help you move forward and bring relief to your heart. Video-Readings are delivered via we-transfer to your inbox within 48 hours.

*Animal Apothecary sessions are not intended to provide and do not constitute as medical advice. The content of Animal Apothecary is designed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition.


I cannot believe how magical my reading was with you today!  I got more out of our 90 minutes together than in the past 5 years of talk therapy. The exercises you had me do were so powerful that literally turned on a light switch in my soul!  I love that I can read the journal entries and use the visualization tools in the future when I meet an obstacle. Just knowing that makes me feel so relieved and so strong!!  You are a kind and caring spirit living out your true calling. I feel so incredibly blessed that the universe aligned my stars with yours! I feel so much more confident and ready for whatever challenges life gives me. Thank you, thank you, thank you...Until our next reading,

Forever grateful,

-Judi Bradley

I’ve had a lot of tarot reading over the years and I can say hands down Animal Apothecary was the best reading I have ever had!  Cara was so thoughtful, present, thorough and took the time to know me and my story. What I loved most is through the visualizations and journal writing they encouraged me to use my own intuition and deep knowing about my life. She helped reconnect me to my source of inner strength while introducing me to my higher purpose. The reading profoundly enhanced an already wonderful experience. It was completely in alignment with my intuition and deep knowing. Cara is a wizard and an energetic force that has a gift of awakening you to reckon with your true self! 

I highly recommend Animal Apothecary for anyone on a sacred journey that needs  guidance and support. 

You will not regret it!

-Jodie Knowles

Seattle, WA

Wow! She is the real deal. This is not your ordinary card reading. A reading that is connected through animals is interesting. The connection between the animal card and my journey was right on point. After I got my dragonfly card and she shared the meaning it blew my mind. For years I’ve had dragonflies pop up in my life so getting this card was epic! She is also extremely passionate.

-Angelica, NYC

Wow, I was really blown away by the connections made! I had been feeling unmotivated about a project but I knew deep down I needed to push. Animal Pharmacy confirmed everything and I felt completely re-inspired after the reading. The words she used resonated with me so much and even connected back to a dream I had the night before! Definitely will be consulting again.

-Jamar, NYC

Amazing read! She was spot on confirming much of what I intuitively felt. It was genuine and messages were not forced to resonate with my experiences if I didn’t understand them. At the end of my reading, it’s amazing how all of my cards aligned and revealed my truths. Highly recommended and will be getting another one soon.

-Tya, Miami

I feel so invigorated by my reading. The only way I know how to describe this is to think of your problem as a connect the dots drawing but you don't know what the drawing is, what the dots are, or what order to connect them in. The reading allowed me to see that I already knew so much of the solutions I needed! I just didn't always realize that things were connected and now I'm able to draw the picture I needed. I'm so grateful!

-Tim, South Carolina


This reading was just outstanding. 2020 was definitely a heck of a year but it allowed me to begin my self-healing journey. Cara enabled me to understand the importance of understanding that all that I've gone through has been necessary, that I must continue to work in order to get to where I want to be, and that manifesting has power - I began to manifest every day and as the days have gone by, I'm so glad that I did listen. Highly recommended if you want to put the puzzle of your life together!

-Marissa, Massachusetts