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Manifest like a WOMAN!

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Access your magnetism, amp up your beauty,
attract success, love, and align with your Purpose!

Video By Winnie Cheung

An untapped power has laid dormant in women for over the past thousand years. In the last century, we have seen women climb the business ladder and claim their power in a man's world by enacting masculine energy. What does it look like to unlock the true essence of feminine power? When women begin to show up in their true divine feminine power, men will automatically show up in their divine masculine power. Women are the containers that give birth not only physically but hold this power in every aspect of this world of creation. Do you even understand the power you hold?

In this 90 minute ceremony, Cara leads women on a journey into their most powerful aspects, connects them to their deepest desires, teaches them how to enhance their magnetism and beauty, and jumpstarts their ability to manifest their purpose.  She ends the ceremony with a collective reading from her Animal Apothecary card deck that she created as a guide for manifesting your purpose. 

Cara’s intentional approach connects all aspects of the woman’s complexity as she introduces ideas and techniques such as womb power (a manifesting technique all genders can access), kundalini technology movements, writing, sound, guided visual journey, and voice medicine. 


This ceremony is inclusive to all peoples who identify as "women" and are interested in tapping into their feminine power. For booking and pricing please inquire 


Gucci's Women's
Empowerment Workshop

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RA MA Institute Women's Power Ceremony

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