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Turn Trauma into Your Greatest Stregth Reading Sesision

Cara Elizabeth, the creator of Animal Apothecary deck for manifesting leads you on a journey connecting you to your POWER and Strength. This session is especially powerful for those who have dealt with the crippling side effects of PTSD and CPTSD. Who have been trying to overcome past trauma(s) for months, years, or even decades.  During your session, you will learn the power of your pain and use the energy of your trauma to understand your purpose and self-actualize it. You will also learn daily techniques you can start implementing to become empowered. The session ends with an Animal Apothecary reading on guidance and advice toward your journey of turning your trauma into your strength. Sessions are 90 min, and the reading section is recorded for you to keep. Readings last about 90 minutes and are done via zoom. You’re only required to come with a journal and an open heart.


To book a session and inquire about pricing click here and state which reading you are inquiring about:

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