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Coaching Sessions

The Destiny Path coaching sessions are for those who yearn to jump to the next level of themselves to manifest their heart’s deepest desires, to claim their power, and share their gifts with humanity. This 6-week journey of discovery connects you to you in order to actualize your fullest potential.

The Destiny Path 6-week program starts with your 90 Minute Destiny Path session and reading. In this session, you become very clear about what you intend to manifest and what you desire to transform in your life. This session acts as a jump start to your next level and will guide you toward what you will amplify in the following five weeks. During this session, we set up action plans to start implementing in your daily life in addition to what you intend to complete before your next session. 

Over the next five weeks, we meet weekly for one hour. In these one-hour sessions, we discuss your actions and progress and add techniques to be utilized daily for your empowerment and manifesting. We also work with any resistance, blocks, and fear that may surface on your journey of discovering a more powerful version of yourself. 

To inquire more and see if we are the right fit, we start with a 15-minute Zoom consultation. To book your free 15-minute consultation click here-

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