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This is one of the most powerful cards in the deck. When one receives this card, it speaks of initiating the fulfillment of one’s destiny through transmutation. You are being led towards supreme success. This is a heavy card with a myriad of deep and complex meanings. Still, it is an exceptional card to receive because it is confirmation that your destiny is in the works and that you are on the correct path even if current circumstances are contrary to your heart’s deepest wishes. You have a profound purpose and you are being led to its fulfillment. You will achieve something that is beyond what you can currently understand, but it is what every cell in your body has yearned to self-actualize.


It is time to let go of what no longer serves you, specifically any limiting beliefs that tell you that you cannot achieve your fullest potential. These are all an illusion; do not fall for them. The message of this card is so powerful because it says even your limiting beliefs cannot stop the unfolding of your greatest potential. There is something bigger than yourself guiding you to your greatest fulfillment.


The symbol of the circles and triangle, known as the philosopher’s stone, is the alchemical symbol of transmutation and inner enlightenment. The alchemical process of turning lead into gold through a deep cooking and heating process is representative of the psyche transforming into its highest potential, leading to enlightenment and utter fulfillment of one's purpose in the physical realm. The philosopher’s stone is the alchemical vessel that encompasses all the ingredients leading to your destined purpose. There is a divine process occurring that may be happening so slowly you aren’t yet able to comprehend the transformation that is currently occurring. Be OK with not seeing immediate results; you are in the process of transformation, which is meant to take time.

In the middle of the philosopher’s stone is the kingsnake, a nonvenomous serpent who eats poisonous snakes oftentimes bigger than himself. Kingsnake teaches us the concept of transmuting something toxic in our life into something beneficial and nutritious. Understand that all hardship and suffering you have endured are where your most powerful gifts are born. These sacrifices and moments of immense pain create the path to your profound potential. Kingsnake also teaches about shedding skin. There is something you have outgrown. Question what beliefs, behaviors, and or relationships you must let go of to continue aligning with your destiny. Allowing this shedding process to happen propels you closer to profound inner fulfillment.


Above and below the kingsnake we see the image of the All-Seeing Eye, guarding, guiding and facilitating the process of your growth. The All-Seeing Eye represents Cosmic Oneness. Some call this God, the Great Mystery, the Divine or Higher Self. The words we use are of no matter, as it is beyond our human comprehension to fully understand the Unknown. There is a force that created you and that has been facilitating your growth this entire time. Strange that your suffering is used as a method towards profound development, but it is with fire that the gold is tested. YOU ARE THE GOLD. Something beyond yourself is guiding you to success.


The bees in this image represent the gifts you have within that are of the utmost service to humanity. Bees are a gift to humanity as they allow us to live. Bees pollinate about 80% of the crops we eat. It is estimated that if bees were to go extinct, humanity would suffer greatly, and perhaps even become extinct. You, too, were created to serve a purpose, and it is of the greatest service to humanity and yourself if you actualize your potential. Imagine the sorrow of a rose that does not fully realize itself into blooming. Bee is speaking to you about fulfilling your destiny. There is something profound waiting to blossom within you that is being facilitated by the divine. 


Lastly, connecting it all together is the Latin term “Omnia Unus Est,” which translates to “All is one, everything is connected.” There is something profoundly mysterious beyond your comprehension aligning you with what you were born to share. Every moment you have encountered was meant to bring you to exactly where you are right now. Get excited, this card is an honor to receive!

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