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The I AM LOVE tote is a version of the Body Tech card called " I Need Some Love & Compassion." For a more wearable phrase, we shortened it to I AM LOVE. Despite the abbreviation in the title, the image still holds the same meaning-


I AM LOVE Body Tech Card meaning 

This card comes when a part of you who feels unheard, unvalued, and hurt needs some extra care and attention. This part of you is feeling a bit undermined by you as it has tried very hard to move forward and stay positive, but there is a level of real feelings, whether they be frustration, disappointment, or pain, that you may not be acknowledging. These parts come forward and are raising their hand to speak out about what is bothering them while simultaneously asking for love and compassion from you. These parts share that if they could just vent out loud their frustration while you show them some love, it is the medicine they need right now. This card shows up when a simple release not only soothes but then allows something bigger to come in that feels more expansive.


Message from the part of you who needs to use their voice and receive love:

Dear Self, I have been working so hard to manifest and dodge every trigger that comes our way. I have been trying to stay positive despite everything coming up that is hard to deal with. I am trying so hard to simultaneously help you manifest this big dream but sometimes I feel like you don’t recognize me. It's always be better and the next big accomplishment. I am tired, and I have been working so hard alongside you, but sometimes I feel like you just don’t appreciate all that I have done, all that our body has done, all that I have faced to get you to this next level. I would really like you to not only appreciate me but honor me and have some compassion for all the work I've done to keep us afloat. Additionally, I need to get something off my chest and I would love for you to not only let me voice that but I would love some compassion and extra attention too. Whatever you come up with will be perfect, so I will say thank you in advance!


Body Tech:

Raise your hand with one hand on your heart and vent out any and all frustration. Are you mad or hurt by yourself or another? Is your partner driving you insane or perhaps you are just so over your current moment in reality? Well, this is your time to vomit it out, speak it out of your body, and release whatever unpleasant feelings you’ve been holding onto. After this practice, then thank yourself for all the effort and hard work you’ve been putting in for finishing that last task, making that appointment, using your voice when you were scared, and whatever else you’ve been doing that is good for you.  After your practice, go plan something sweet for yourself, go ahead and spoil yourself with a little treat—you deserve it!


Lots of LOVE.. Hope you enjoy the screen saver!

I AM LOVE screen Saver


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