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ASSURANCE  screen saver


Assurance  Body Tech Meaning-

Assurance is one of the coolest cards to receive because you just channeled your future self and they are coming through to give you assurance that the big dream you are working toward is definitely happening! If you are in a moment of confusion, pain, or limiting beliefs, again your future self is coming through in this card to assure you everything is okay, everything will unfold in a positive and beneficial way, and your future self shares that you are being protected right now. How beautiful!


A message from your future self:

Dear Current Self, 

You may feel trapped in the frequency of a version of yourself that can’t seem to embody the knowing that not only is the dream you desire unraveling, but you are the most important and needed version of yourself right now. For it is YOU; you are the version who is allowing YOU to become me. Without you and this moment, no matter how long and frustrating it may be, you in this moment is the only way to become me. I am the version of you who has not only overcome whatever current challenge you endure but I am the version who is living in the dream that you dream of now. Wait till you see how much more powerful we have become because we are open and our love is radiating throughout humanity. Our abundance is endless and we uplift ourselves and others. We are the gift, my sweet past self. But please remember there is no me without you. Please raise your fist now in absolute assurance with me as we declare our glorious dream is real!



Imagine your future self holding their fist up with strength and resolution saying, “We did it!” As you see this version of yourself, embody the same fist movement and chant with them, saying, “We did it.” Repeat for at least one minute. If there is another body movement or mantra that aligns better with your own body tech, by all means, do what feels best for you!



Hope you enjoy your screen saver!

ASSURANCE screen saver


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