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Are you currently dealing with an obstacle, challenge, confusion, or limiting belief? In this reading, Cara Elizabeth, the creator of Animal Apothecary deck for manifesting leads you on a journey connecting you to you. Discovering your POWER to get through and overcome whatever challenging circumstance you are currently dealing with. This Reading-Session helps you navigate your current difficulties and guide you toward what is most fulfilling. Cara connects you to your power and ignites your ability to manifest your heart's deepest desires. The session ends with the Animal Apothecary card deck reading, sharing guidance and advice for your total self-actualization and fulfilling what your heart deeply longs to experience.

Readings last about 90 minutes and are done via zoom. You’re only required to come with a journal and an open heart. To book a session and inquire about pricing, click here and specify which reading you are interested in :)


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